Hi ︎ My name is Bella Clarke ︎︎︎ I am a Perth-based Graphic Designer ︎ with a big love for fashion business and marketing. 

I have a diploma in Fashion Business and Merchandising and am a Shillington graduate with a Certificate IV in Design. ︎

For the past three years I have freelanced for ︎The Australian’s Weekend Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar Fashion Film Festival, children’s wear label Alex & Ant and wellness start-up nuut. 

I’m inspired by ︎ silhouettes, interior design and surrealism. ︎ My design approach is energetic, playful and bold ︎︎︎I always aim to incorporate exciting colour combinations and impactful fonts. ︎

Available for freelance work.


︎Not-for-profit company Spark is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive global community, striving to ignite conversations, debates and fresh ideas. Spark holds a bi-annual conference focusing on a specific topic. This year the subject is ‘Brain Wonders’.  The design is as big as the big ideas being shared at the conference, allowing a concept that represents the subject in a fresh, creative and surprising way. 


Brand identity for Two Circles, a start-up optometrist based in Austin, Texas. Its design concept is both approachable, professional and confident but with a fun, playful edge.
The core Two Circles elements are inspired by a glasses frame, whilst simultaneously commenting on the brand values of unity and connection. You will find the elements of this symbol repeated throughout the Two Circles visual identity.


Introducing Neighbourhood, a new multipurpose event and conference venue being built in Western Australia. Its identity invites and unites passionate people while sparking wonder, joy and exhilaration.


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